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NJ House legend Tee Alford

Originally Posted by SBS Designs
Have been shipping global and used in major recording facilities with Grammy artists.

SBS Designs - Use what the Pros Use!

Real control,
Sweepable freq on the Bass 50 - 400 hz
Sweepable freq on the High 3.K - 12K
Real eq capability,
Analog Finalizer,
The widest freq response 8 hz to 100 Khz
10 yr Warranty with the best circuit layout by Real Engineering = The Iso-Q2

SBS Designs Global

In less then 6 months SBS Designs products have been shipping globally

Thru out the USA

More Global territories coming soon...

Grammy Award Producers

Louie Vega
David Morales
Sting Intl for Shaggy
Jellybean Benitez

Professional studios Using SBS Designs amps

Germano Studios NYC
Ranch Studios NY

The PROS talk about sbs designs!

SBS Designs Takes all forms of payment Including Credit Cards

purchases a SBS Designs Iso-Q2 and share his thoughts on the Iso-Q2 Taken from my facbook page

Tee Alford posted to Sbs Shorty
10 hours ago near Random Hills, VA

Great work SbS Designs!

Your Iso-Q2 has improved the harmonic signal on my system ten fold. I've had re-do some of my DJ mixes cause the recording levels were too hot - and they weren't even near the red, lol. Wow - what a superb sound, Shorty!
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