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Then I have a cool ass MIDI controller that no one else ever will have lol. Seriously though, most likely that's it. Move on to next project. To build one prototype cost me over $1k. The plan is to get 100 or so built and re-invest to send out to prominant dj's for review/endorsement. Kickstarter is intended to facilitate this first round process. I might try some other ideas but basically if it doesn't fund it shows there's not a mass enough appeal for me to dump more money into.

I love the box and feel there's a niche for it, but I'm biased being the creator. I've had some questions asking why it doesn't cost $200 like a plastic chinese made NI controller. Because it doesn't cost $30, to make and most people don't understand that. However less and less people seem to care about quality these days. It's gizmos, bells and whistles.

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