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Smooth Operator: I feel exactly how you do with filters and do exactly what you do with Traktor. Sometimes it's nice to have a high resonance for effects with vocals, etc, but in general I turn the resonance all the way down and just use the filters as that.

Sometimes I map filters to the large knobs on my XFX box or use the X1 knobs as they are nice with the center detent when you set up the filters in DJM mode (left=low pass | right=high pass).

Originally Posted by SmoothOperator
Actually I don't like the squawking sound and prefer to have the resonance turned down. An exception to that is sometimes I like to add a small resonant peak around 40hz to add some low end oomph to the subs when it's missing in the track. That squawking noise keeps me from using the filters on the pioneer mixers. I usually just want to gently remove the low end for a cleaner sound and that resonant peak mucks it up. Right now I'm using the filters built into Serato with the Kontrol X1 for the knobs. It makes it easy to have filters with me wherever I play and they sound decent. Really I would like a better option though. Something analog with big knobs would be nice. The A&H Xone-VF1 is the only one I have found that I like but it's not for sale anymore. The layout of the Vestax isolator with built in filters was cool too but everyone says the build/sound quality was lacking.

Is there something non-hifi about about filters? Do they add unwanted noise/color to the signal path? Are the variable crossover points on the Iso Q2 basically filters without variable resonance and the ability to sweep from 20-20khz?

It's fine that you don't want to make one or have one in the SBS product line. I just like filters and was wondering why there are not more being made.
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