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Originally Posted by SBS Designs
There has been going on with SBS Designs globally Being sold in retail outlets and now in high end commercial studios in the states on critical monitors for mixing with High end artists.

I recently had the honor of the SBS Designs S2 amp auditioned for over a month at Germano Studios. For those that are not familiar with Troy Germano or his studios EVERY major artist from John Legend, U2, Maria Carry and to many to mention have recorded out of this studio. Troy also comes from The Hit Factory

Here is what Troy had to say,


Hi Shorty - "The studios have rigorously tested the SBS Designs power amplifier with our nearfield monitors and the producer-mixer comments have been nothing short of spectacular...This amplifier breathes life & warmth into our critical-listening monitoring"...TG

check out all the pics of this amazing facility here 3

all SBS Designs comes with a 10 yr warranty and is avail thru in ny & thruout 60 stores in Canada

Area 51 studios in midtown had an amazing demo session with the SBS Designs amplifiers in the South room the,

SBS Designs S4 Variable Class A & Class AB amp on Tannoy Monitors

The TAD subs were driven by a SBS Designs S5 Class AB High Current amp...


Area 51 NYC – AREA 51

Roey Shamir, Area 51 owner and engineer, comments on the SBS Designs Amp demo at Area 51 in nyc and Jon Lurie, engineer.

SBS Designs Amps demoed:

S2 on B&W 802 Nautilus (Area 51 house amp used for mixing Chord)
S4 on Tannoy 15 in monitors (Area 51, used for mixing 2 Bryston 4B in mono)
S5 on TAD 1603 loaded subs (Area 51, used for mixing Crown Ref1)

Roey comments:
“Blown back and away by awesome imaging SBS brought out of the South Room’s System not to mention the clarity super fast slew rates provided to the attack…”

“Shorty we will not let you back in to pick these up, so speed up making some more inventory! LOL”

Mix Engineer Jon Lurie comments:

“Roey you couldn’t be more on point with that- unreal clarity on those SBS Amps.”"The sound in that room is at a whole new level now. Let’s make sure to lock the doors when Shorty tries to take them away haha”

Area 51 Client feedback - A Super talented client that usually works in the South room at Area51NYC has the room booked all week.

“Man I took the mix home and it sounded perfect and exactly like it did at the studio, those new amps sound amazing!”

Notice to SBS – Shorty, we are not going to be able to return them so either we are going to find the funds to buy them or you are going to take us to small claims court.

If you do I’m sure the Judge will rule in our favor as we will argue you are creating addictive audio products and we are just awesome sound junkies – drawn in by your unscrupulous demo/sales methods!

I’m not kidding, LOL! We are changing our phone numbers…

Thanks Again!
Roey Shamir

Area 51 is also using the SBS Designs Iso-Q2 as an Analog Finalizer on mixes to enhance the productions in the studio
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