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That mid-high looks incredible.

void may be talked about havily on speakerplans, but the users of that forum are overwhelmingly located in the uk.

in berlin, there is just one void system, as far as I know. Loftus Hall, which is run by a few irish guys, has a small 4 point and mono sub system. The result does not sound that good. I have been there regarding quality issues, but tons of crap in the room vibrate, the speaker aiming is poor, and hte acoustics need to be worked on. The speakers seemed ok to me. The particular speakers are of one their lower lines. Loftus is basically a bar, not a big club.

I am actually more curious about smaller versions of the incubus system. That stack looks devastating, but only fits on the biggest of big dancefloors. However, a mid-high of half that size could easily fit more typical "large" dancefloors, all depending on coverage angle, of course.

there is a possibility I'll be at the musikmesse this year (hopefully as a buyer and not technician!). if so, I'll definitely take a demo, and also say hi to shorty.
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