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The photos on the site were a prototype or first run I believe. The knobs on the unit in this thread are what come with the Isolator now.

The photo below are from the last major install I did with the Thrive amplifiers.

Just a comment on them: We've had HVAC problems at this club. When its full, the club overheats, including the cooling area behind the racks. We've had some massive parties over the last year and it's just amazing how reliable and resilient the amps are. They never miss a beat. I have another install all Thrive powered that's coming up on 5 years old soon, with about 6 Thrive amps and a dozen Crown amps for aux zones, etc. I've gone through 2 or 3 of the Crowns, fans gone, misc problems. The Thrive stuff NEVER dies. Besides the amazing fidelity, it's a proven roadworthy product that I just can't speak highly enough about.

Last week at the club, Nicky Romero, close to 1000 people, club packed, and Nicky commented that it's one of the best sound systems he's ever heard.
Nicky's a young guy, part of the new generation of dj's and currently has like 4 tracks on the Beatport charts including the #1 with David Guetta.

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