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Absolutely not true my friend. Thrive always was and always will be engineered and manufactured by Summit Audio and availability today is the same as in the past.

This includes: the high-end [Isolator] version pictured above, and the more minimal [Cutter] version.

Thrive processing and amplifiers are right now being sold to top dj's, nightclubs, studios and musicians around the world. I have Thrive products in nightclubs going on 5+ years of continuous use. I really can't speak more highly about the line. There are some fantastic competing products out there, but to my experience, Thrive processing and amplification is simply the best out there.

I am a Thrive dealer and would be more then happy to get anyone more information, pricing and availability. Just e-mail me at:

Originally Posted by Meticulous
I believe dat unit is discontinued. Shorty is no longer with Summit Audio to produce Thrive products. He's now teamed up with Wave distribution and now made the ISO-Q2 which I can't recall exact price but I believe it's about $1100/$1200??

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