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Yea things are

Originally Posted by Estacy
looks like its taking off!
mind sharing some sales figures so far?

Really movin along X the interest in the line is way beyond what I thought it wld be with such a young company and the way the pros have gotten behind the Designs.

The studio market is now looking into the line as well for recording and mastering facilities., I have demoes with major figures in the industry major mastering labs and hip hop producers. So its crazy esp with Wave distribution behind me, Dave Bryce who built the Adam monitor line is behind SBS Designs building the line exactly how he did with Adams now with everyone over @ Wave Dist. So SBS DESIGNS IS IN AMAZING HANDS, I cldnt have asked to be with a better group of guys. Alan Sides from Ocean way studios loved some products we have to.

Thanks Mistic, im really thankful Traxsource offered to help SBS Designs out spreading the word puting it on the site to there million viewers a month with the site and Eblast.

The info in the release is what I wrote on The specs of the Iso Q2, a bit of info on what I represent with SBS Designs, and a bit on me and what I have done to get it out to people that might not know what I have acomplished & SBS Represents to the market...

Thanks for your kind words

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