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Thanks to for

Originally Posted by soundmanshorty
Here are a few shots of the Wave Distribution booth at the NAMM with SBS Designs products, & the New finalized look of the SBS Designs Iso-Q2, playing with the logo i decided the Iso-Q2 model # tex will go on the rt side of the front panel, and the SBS Designs Logo on the left.

Grammy Nominated producer Sting int for Shaggy comments on the Iso-Q2

On the SBS Designs ISO Q2
“ISO Q2 First Run/Special Edition… Modified specifically for the Sting International Thunder Sound System.”

“The ISO 2 was well worth the wait!”

“Rock solid bass with a kung fu kick. Caramel smooth mid-range, very comfortable on the ears. Definitive extension on the upper mid and hi frequencies.

Complete with a lo & hi freq sweep to filter out the disasters of today’s amateur engineered mixes whilst also being able to add a little sugar and spice to some of the dull & flat mixes of yesteryear.

I don’t put junk in my system: the ISO Q2 is the newest addition of quality pieces to Sting Sound. Let’s Rock!”

Thank you Sting Intl

SBS Designs products are exclusivly dist by Wave distribution.

all SBS Designs products come with a 10 yr parts and labor warranty

major SBS Designs news coming soon stay tuned!

the BIG support of SBS Designs goods.

thanks guys the best music site online!
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