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This is not my booth but a very solid one. Club is called Bob Beaman in Munich, Germany. They opened in late 2010 and focus on oldschool house, hiphop, funk and so on. Kerry Chandler, Pete Rock and many other people played there. Booth is using a Crest Audio CP 6210 Mixer & CP 6220 Expander. Very similar to the Rane MP2016 (original) & XP2016 that I own but people write in here that Rane has better sound. I did not hear it live, as the arist (Dinky) used a Xone 92 that night.

They have 3 Technics with Ortofons Nightclub MK II (sadly could be better), Bozak Iso-X isolators and 3 CDJ2000 and speakers are partly from Martin Audio.

The complete room is black wood only, even the walls. DJBooth looks fantastic, you can even sit behind it (no VIP) and have a very nice flirt. I did so . Club was completely crowded until the end so a real house feeling was build inside. 100dbA all the time and very sharp and clear sound. Yes I have a very good custom made ear protection. Never seen something like that in Munich before!

On the roof they have installed a brilliant lighting, which feels very different from the Watergate Club in Berlin, more ambient colors and patterns. It is controlled by a analog device, no computer screen. A crazy woman stands above the crowd (next to the DJ) and uses sliders to set the lighting "mood" fitting to the music. Maybe DMX stuff, no idea. Some video of that, mixing and sound:

Design by Arnold / Werner:

What do you think?
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