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Heres some pictures (Crap quality, sorry) of my setup.

Ive had this setup for years (Although I swapped my old MIDI controller for a Denon DNHC4500 last year, new Macbook and an extra amp/ powerstrip to drive a second set of speakers)
However as ive moved house and had major building work done its been in storage with my vinyl for two years!!!

The kit:
3x SL1200s (Dont really use a third one often, was thinking of selling it but a problem with the pitch control has got worse - one for the bench methinks)
Stageline VU
UREI 1620 LE
TC Electronic FIREWORX (Gorgeous FX unit, totally amazing sound!!!)
XFX 3004 Electronique Spectacle Isolator
Denon DNHC4500 and a macbook Pro(Dont really use this when mixing at home)
Numark CDN22 Dual CD Player
Tascam SSR1 Solid state flash recorder
GVG 600 DMX Controller (Dont really use this: got it cheap, would like to learn DMX one day and have a small amount of lights)
Sony TCWE435 Tape deck (Rarely used...)

Crown amp
Samson amp
Behringer patchbay
2x Samson powerstrips
The CD unit controlled above

2 JBL JRX 125 speakers (I wanted something better, but that deal fell through and I got these on a deal... may upgrade next yr)
2x Mission Pro monitors
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