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I had a private Listening session with

Originally Posted by soundmanshorty
Its amazing how much more i am getting out of this system now with this new SBS Electronics processor i just installed. Cant wait for the next Party The Liberty Slammer will be really pumping for the next one with what im getting out of it now, Its amazing what this theatre sounds like, such a Grand room to come into NYC with a SBS Slammer sound system for my first room in NYC, many more to follow to.

Here is another pic i found online

DJ Steve Travolta on the Liberty Slammer, here is what he had to comment on his Facebook page

Steve Travolta,
The sound was awesome. Denitra Champ sounded great in there - It's nice to hear SBS in a larger application. The sound was big, balanced and clean - the best sounding big room in NYC AND produced with a moderate amount of audio equipment. Impressive work Shorty.

Nice to hear he liked it like this, considering its not even finished yet..

SBS The Sound of Studio 54 & The Liberty Theatre!

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