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Audio from a camera off the floor, Nicky Working the SBS Elec Iso-Q2

Originally Posted by soundmanshorty
from the space and they pulled an entire light show 720 ch worth of lighting, new and orig fixtures of Studio 54, which i feel is the best show, old and new, keeps the show fresh..

Got so much compliments, from Nicky Siano, Jellybean, Aviccii loved the system and was in heaven did not wanna stop playing, Leroy Washington and people in the crowd were so happy with the sound.

Leroy told me some amazing stories when they put Studio together, said it is an acoustical nightmare, he told me how long it took to get the room really rt. How much trouble they had with the room in those days, the first thing he told me was this room is a disaster to tune and get rt he said good luck with this space lol.

He couldnt believe what this system was doing in this space, Leroy was there when i was real timing it, and was shocked within the hour time they gave me, i had only 1 hour to tune this huge theatre how it sounded. He said THIS is all Analog ?? i said yes except cd players ofcourse, he said any boom boxes, or 3bx processors like that? i said nope,,, just the prototype SBS Iso-Q2 he said ya that piece sounds sweet cant wait to play with that bad boy. Leroy said and your your getting this much freq out of these old records without and processors like that i said yup, AND you have a rane 2016 in here????, i says yup, thats what Nicky wanted to play on lol, he said man your really got it going on. i take my hat off to u, i said thanks im just happy you love it, cause U really know this room, he said yup and you got the mids to have the sweetness they had in here, he said you did your thang, i thanked him again

Once the night began Leroy was saying how its allll there you hear all the proper harmonies in the source no holes in the source, and i did such an amazing job and was so nice to meet me. After he played on the set, he said it was such a pleasure to play on such a fine system and he is looking forward to playing on a SBS system in the future, so i said next time your in town you need to come to System to check out the Slammer, and because of that room in LIC is how i got this account to do sound @ Studio. he said if thats the room that got me the shot here then that system MUST be good, then i def need to hear it.

Jellybean Tweeted on the sound last night at Studio ,

Jellybean Benitez
@sbsshorty sound system install @ Studio 54. Is bangin !!!!

Bobby sent me a message on Facebook

Bobby Viteritti Sbs Shorty
What a job you did to that room Shorty. Great seeing and hearing you!

Dino replied and commented
Dino Calvao yes agree

Got one of the biggest compliments from Michael Overington the manager from the orig Studio 54 at the end of the night, telling me how amazing it sounded, he hasent heard or fealt sound like this in 30 yrs and im the best, and is going to speak to Ian Schrager about me doing sound in there hotels, they need systems in rooms that move air, i said i love moving air, he said i know i been on the floor all night lol.

I had a few flash backs, stood in some of the same places on the floor watching the lights come down like i used to in awe and where i wld hang in the mezzanine i used to back in the day.

Got so many compliments from Nicky, Leroy & Jellybean On the SBS Elec Iso-Q2, they were so excited it was the world premiere grand showing of this amazing piece in Studio 54 and broadcasted thru it, they said they were so pleased with it and so happy to be the 1st ones to use it in a club.

Ill attach a couple pics here but the entire rebuild of this space will be on my facebook page..

SBS the sound of Studio 54!

This was thru a camera on the floor, You hear Nicky Siano working the SBS Electronics Iso-Q2... pe=3&theater

THIS was a Party, SBS The Sound of Studio 54!
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