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Thanks man

Originally Posted by dino59
yes i have to agree i felt like i was transported in time ,great job shorty .

The one thing that really brang this back from the behind the scenes perspective in the night of the party was them calling the cues when they need to raise the lights up and down cueing every lighting moment step of the way, that was how they did it back in the day, guys with head sets cueing the light man and the prop crew t do everything on the spot so it all worked at the rt time rehearsed, from the steamers coming down to cueing the snow blizzard to the man on the moon coming down to the snuff going up his nose ;-)

This was 1979 production with KILLER sound all over again.

for those on my facebook page the entire build out of space, light show, unpacking the man on the moon with coke spoon, the orig sun set up, from a bare space to entire space being full of lights, to the system pics is there,

I will post party pics soon, only friends can see this folder.

SBS the Sound of Studio 54!
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