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Wink Thanks man

Originally Posted by Fred Bissnette
awesome shorty congrats!!!!

Its amazing to work with this team like this as i said, they are putting it back together proper, bringing in from Las Vegas the moon with the spoon, the Sun and other fixtures that were working in this room in the 70s, the orig signs went up today on the front of the building looks amazing, im back in Studio 54 on fri. Scott Bromley is such a genious he is designing the inside like he orig did, and the manger Michael is such a pleasure to work with, they are all excited to work with me, when i introduced myself they said we know who u are and all your about and excited to work with you, and hear a big Analog system again, they said the did there research on me, nice to hear this from the veterans, and i thought they didnt know me lol. Turns out after Michael and i spoke we realized we worked with each other in the past...

They are putting so much into this Marc Benecke is really a great guy, and has been going over every detail to make sure its genuine Studio for the party and everything is rt.

I am so excited to be able to debute the SBS Iso-Q2 for this party too, and with the broadcast feed coming from the SBS Iso-Q2 for everyone to hear is an amazing debute for a product. Should be a unreal party.

Cant wait

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