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Steve Travolta comments on the Slammer on my Facebook page

Originally Posted by soundmanshorty
I was auditioning the Slammer today for Ray and here is what he posted on his Facebook Page ,


Ray has been playing all the major clubs from the 70s thru the 80s in NYC, MUCH respect to Ray for his amazing thoughts on the Slammer, its nice to know guys are thinking this highly of the SBS Slammer

[I]Past Compliments, from some of industry Greats:

Originally Posted by soundmanshorty

here is JB post on his facebook page..

John Benitez
There's no place like home, New York's global soul/soulful/deep house scene is alive & well.

I want to thank all the dancers, house heads & Ain't Nuthin But A House Party members that came out last night 2 System Danceclub for a evening of pure magic.

Sbs Shorty 's SBS SLAMMER, by far the best sound system in North America. Stay tuned: 4 my new weekly residen

Dj David Morales
Disco nap is done. Getting ready for my night out w a HOT babe.........her name is SYSTEM.

Had a great time @ SYSTEM. Thanks to all my friends and family that came out. The last hour is always the best! Shorty thank u for my new toy. You're def a cut above the rest. Your dedication is unmatched. Kudos.

Dj David Morales, Went by SYSTEM and played around w the SBS SLAMMER. Played some of my fav sounding records and all I can say is that Shorty did a great job. She's sooo smooth and warm. I look forward to working her w ppl in the room. Congratulations Shorty. Job well done.

David Compliments again on 7 Apr Twitter, DJDavidMorales David Morales,
Checked out the SBS SLAMMER @ SYSTEM yesterday. Wicked Analogue system. Shit ROCKS!

Joey Llanos
Just heard Shorty's "SYSTEM" Tight, articulate, a room to be reckoned with in New York City. Congrats Shorty SBS by Nature!

Queens Pride party Feat:
Tom Stephan - Super Chumbo

thanks to Michael Hades Yusef Xtravaganza Roze Black King Ralphy Sbs Shorty and everyone who came out to System last night!! what a great party- what a great SYSTEM!! I'm jealous! I want to take it back to London with me!!!

Jihad comments on the SBS Slammer (tm)

Shorty... U put your foot in that system....By far the best I've heard so far in a long time. Next up Bang The Drum this Saturday w/ Dean and the Boatride on the 25th. Hope y'all got your tickets.

Jihad Muhammadposted to Sbs Shorty
Dude .... Your the best. That system is a beast. It's the best I've heard hands down in a long time. Thank you for last night.

Kamala Jefferson Most impressed by the sound at Jellybeans party with Jihad.

Warm on all levels. Only other venue I've heard the music sound so great is at Mancuso's party. So that is definitely a compliment!

Thats an amazing Compliment knowing David uses Khorns,

Just wanted to share more compliments with you.[/i]

Just had an incredible listening session on the Slammer @ system with NY legendary DJ Steve Travolta

We played some incredible music, Clasical, Jazz, new house, classics, then Factory classics, was given some amazing compliments by Steve on the Slammer, 3 hrs went by like 20 min, we could have stayed and listened for another 6 hours, no need to mix, the music alone carried us with no problems.

Steve Travolta

I have worked in every major club as a DJ and more importantly installing decor. I have spent hours upon hours listening to the pros and legends in the business tune system. Usually my ears become fatigued after an hour or two. As powerful as the Slammer is, it is also soft and gentle and never wears your ear drums out. Bravo Shorty!

THANK YOU for playing the SBS SLAMMER for me this evening. It is hands down the best sound I have EVER heard. The SLAMMER truly is a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Once you have heard ANY piece of music translated by it you will never recover from the experience.

Steve Travolta

If we had just a few Systems like that in NYC it would change the face of Dance music as we know it. He played the system for me I danced for 3 hours in the middle of it. Multiple musical goose bump orgasms. ;o)

Steve Travolta

Better than the Factory.

Steve Travolta

Yeah, technology has obviously changed the game, I didn't step foot in the garage but it's like comparing apples and oranges. Larry would have loved the SBS system. He was an engineer and had a precise Idea of what and more importantly how he wanted the dance floor to hear things.

Steve Travolta

After shorty played an incredible range of of music I slipped that memory stick into the CDJ 2000 and that's when things took a turn into one of those magical moments. It was such a pleasure to be that room with shorty selecting the tunes. It was truly and inspirational day thanks to Shorty and the SBS Slammer.

I was supposed to go out for drinks last evening and I had to stay in because that system took me to that place and i knew it would be difficult to hang at at another club last night.

For those that are friends on facebook with me here is the comments in full

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