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Pioneer Japan comments on the SBS Slammer @ System

This past friday executives from Pioneer Japan came over to System to check out the Slammer as they have heard alot about this system from talk on the net and people in Japan from what i am told.

Pioneer spent 4 hours demoing the Slammer with all kinds of music walked every inch of the floor studying The Slammer (tm). The music for this demo ranged from clasical to big band, to jazz to house to techno to disco to funk. They were shocked no alteration of the signal had to be changed from 1 style to the next on the Slammer, which seems to be the norm for todays standards of sound. With the Slammer the only change was level with tone controls flat..

The demo went incredible, they mentioned they could stay in there forever listening to music on the Slammer lol. On there way out they mentioned twice they would be coming back again...

This snip was recorded on a Canon digital camera off the Dance Floor of SystemNY with no mics flown, you can hear the clarity, pitch & articulation of the notes and Dynamics of the Slammer, at 1 point Manny put the camera IN the Slammer Sub and u could still hear ea note, with no mudd.

Pioneer asked to give input on the CDJ 2000s as well and it went amazing, was alot of fun.

This snip was recorded by Manny Queen on his Camera Before my demo for Pioneer Japan.

Here is Masanori comments on the Slammer:

Manager Masanori Nishikawa
Buisiness Product planning section
Product planing Dept
Pro, Sound and Visual Division Pioneer Japan


That sound is the best sound I have ever heard and experienced before,
All sound elements are harmonized together in the dance floor.
I'd recommend our people to visit and hear the sound.

Hope to see you again.

Masanori Nishikawa
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