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Originally Posted by Kevin James
Wow, these pics posted a couple pages back are pretty interesting.
I think you might want to think about doing some dusting in that
Booth LOL

Seriously though, I’m curious about the system set up. It seems like a lot of
Different cabinets mixed together. You have 3 totally different sub designs with
the scoops, J horns and dual 18 direct radiators, and 2 different mid bass horns…
sealed dual 15 horns and ported single 15 horns.

It would seem from the pics that the system would have issues with cancelations
and phase issues and at the very least muddy bass response due to the difference
in timing from all 3 sub designs. Just curious about what you have done or what
processing your running to correct those issues.

Was there last month and the place is not the same without him! the "Bump, Bump, Bump, your ass off" just did not have the same ring like it used to. RIP Scott.
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