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Seems like the Slammer is

Originally Posted by soundmanshorty
Kamala Jefferson Most impressed by the sound yesterday.

Warm on all levels. Only other venue I've heard the music sound so great is at Mancuso's party. So that is definitely a compliment!

Thats an amazing Compliment knowing David uses Khorns,

When Jellybean played the FK Version of Prince Sexy dancer which is VERY (RARE) very hard to come by this was from an acetate recorded to cd, it sounded wicked, esp the boom kicks with the reverb they hit u like a truck you really felt these efx like you were supposed to, you felt and heard the air and space between every note.. the dynamics on this mix is Unreal

is really making an impresion fast in less then 10 weeks since opening of SystemNY the SBS Slammer is Making people think about songs they would love to hear on the SBS Slammer(tm)

Taken from facebook from rob to the twisted records facebook page

Rob Warner
A favourite 'DJ tool' release from 1994. A wicked, percussive loop and catchy vocal. Dying to hear this on the Sbs Shorty 'slammer' sound system one day in the future.

Liquid City "Givin My All" (Higher Than All Mix)

Ron Trent KILLED it tonight on the Slammer with Jellybean at System

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