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Good guess with the Mark Levensons but not correct.
These are Lamm Audio M2.2 Hybrid mono-blocks. Made here in Brooklyn NYC by a Russian guy who makes some incredible sounding equipment. If you are into great sounding home audio he's worth looking into. His equipment is extremely well built and quite first rate. I have heard amplifiers that cost 4 times as much that don't sound anywhere near as good. I also like the hybrid design as it gives you some tube character with solid state power output.
Definitely not cheap but I was lucky to get them at a great price.

They do get hot as they are convectional cooled but the reason they are in the fireplace is that they are almost 2 foot deep and wouldn't fit anywhere else.

I'm extremely happy with the sound of the speakers. They have amazing low frequency response which is great given the music I listen to. Fantastic staging as well. The most amazing thing I noticed with these speakers is the that they sound quite uniform regardless of the level. There is relatively the same bass as mids and highs either at low or high levels.

Now I don't know what I should be more happy with that my wife let me indulge with some decent home audio gear or the fact she allowed my to put them in our 1 bedroom NYC apartment.

Rotary Dreams, I will be in Mykonos in August so definitely come and say hello. I'll have a T shirt for you so make sure you do.

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