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So getting ready to

Originally Posted by soundmanshorty
A new 26000 Sq ft space in NYC goes with a custom SBS HIFI ANALOG sound system.. more details coming soon

Start this all new system for an old Theatre in NYC from the early 1900`s,, The best way to describe this theatre is, its like Studio 54 or Palladium with amazing acoustics, there is something I LOVE about the way these old theatres were done in the early days that make it work amazing for sound systems of these kind.

Will be all new Horn loaded SBS cabinets for this space from my recent designs, an all new fullrange custom SBS design and subs, analog processing and Analog amplification. I start next week on the fabrication of all the cabinets.

Some amplification will be Thrive with a Thrive Isolator, and another company for the other amplifiers that i will not mention at the moment. Stay tuned for more info on this Massive space with multiple SBS Systems in many zones..

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