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Well, its actually no longer WMC but ULTRA Week, and who knows what we will call it next year when Ultra's Grounds gets paved over. (so I hear )

One more day Tomorrow, I have met once again more amazing legends in the community and new friends than I can possibly process right now.

From all over the world they have come, they have danced, and they have smiled. They have played, and outside of one snafu of a schedule mishap last night we have had nothing but huge smiles from all the DJ's.

@ Paul, great to meet you for more than 1 second in passing this time! I know you have come through in a pinch to rent some racks and subs to my boss, and it was great to share some ideas. My only wish was that the DJ who was playing when you were here had some better material, but the rig still shines with OK tracks. Hope your massive D&B rig went well!
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