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Originally Posted by TheGood
Interesting... I know what you mean, I've seen it on other mixers but as "Aux".
That's it!

Originally Posted by TheGood
Wont you get a constant flanger?
No, if you use analog equipment you won't have any time delay. Digital effekts have a time delay caused by a/d converting. This can sound like a flanger effect, when it has about 1 - 10ms
Originally Posted by TheGood
If thats the case here, I can't think of a way to use it with lets say another isolator or even the Pioneer EFX-1000, maybe a couple fx could kind of work but is it really posible to use them like that?


Is there a point on having that type of send/return on a club mixer? With what gear can you use it?
Like I said, this is the STANDARD way of using effects. You should differentiate between effects and dynamics/EQ. An isolator is no FX! It's an EQ! For an EQ you normaly use an INSERT send/return because you want to substitude the original signal by the EQ signal.

Effects are everything like hall, delays (flanger, phaser, chorus), tremolo......
Effects are normaly summed with the original signal, because you normally need the reference signal for a delay for example.

The DJR has no insert send/return because it has an internal isolator. It is not the concept of this mixer to use it rack mountet with an additional 19" isolator. It is a "PORTABLE" rotary dj mixer. If somebody's asking for an installation mixer, then he could order the djr100.

The djr400 has a perfect concept for what it is made for! It is NO mixer for big installations! You have a great iso onboard, aux per channel an a small format for travelling. That's what it was made for.
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