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E&S DJR400 Send/Return Question

This is my fist post here, been reading the forum for a while now and I'm totaly amazed from the knowlege you all have on gear so rare and exotic, that you will probably see a couple of times in your life! Great community you have here!

So, to my problem:

A few weeks ago I had the chance to play with one DJR with sent/return on each channel and I got a bit confused.

I conected a Pioneer FX Unit on the mixer, by turning the front little send knobs on each channel, the IN on the FX Unit was increasing and the other little knob at the back of the mixer was increasing the return signal that was coming out of the FX.

I couldn't find a way to isolate the original signal and listen only to the signal that was returning to the mixer through the FX unit. All the FX was going on top of the original, there was no way to seperate them. I had in my mind that the little knobs on each channel would work like a Dry/Wet switch, but they were working only as a gain for the send.

Was I doing something wrong? Are the send/return on an E&S work in a way I didn't understand or there might be a problem with the mixer?

If anyone have used them and can tell me how it worked for them will be really helpful.
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