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Signal and Video processing rack for the streaming DJ show I'm starting soon. Most of it isn't "boutique" stuff but it gets the job done.

The basic broadcast audio chain is a "Broadcast Electronics FM-601 Stereo AGC/Limiter" with DBX 202 VCA's and UTC transformers. It's a modular design and you set all the knobs with a mini screwdriver on the card modules inside, but it tames the signal nicely and adds a nice color.

After that is an Aphex Dominator, which is an extremely transparent and effective peak limiter. (The idea is to smooth the signal out first, then tame the extreme peaks so that other DJ's can't destroy the NS10s without really trying.) I tried an Aphex Compellor instead of the BE, but it squashed the signal too much and not having to meet modulation limits, but I do want the signal to be up-front and consistent.

I'm using a Sonic Solutions A/D converter which was very pricey in its day and still sounds great.

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