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Originally Posted by Panotaker
Here is my current setup. It combines the best of the old with the best of the new, featuring a newly acquired Bozak, sitting on top of an original Urei 1620. A couple of new Denon 3700 cd players, an NS7, and a couple of old school Technics SL-1100A turntables all playing through a couple of 5" KRK speakers. Headphones are HD-650 on the glass head or HD-25s.

When ever I want better sound, I run the output from the mixer to my vintage hi-fi system featuring a restored Pioneer SX-1250 receiver and a couple of Onyx Mini Strata speakers. I don't know why they call them Mini Stratas since they are 4 feet tall. When the wife starts complaining about the sound, I plug the HD-650s into my homemade tube headphone amp.

The turntable on top of the SX-1250 receiver has been replaced by a SL-1200M5G. Not in the picture is a Logitech Transporter for listening to my Flac files.

Call the POLICE!!!! Hahaha.

That is one serious setup Panotaker. Your wife is a lucky woman!

Would love to have a listen to those Onyx speakers with the SX-1250.
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