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yes, c-rock, i made the rack. used 3/4 birch plywood.
and yes mistick, it is a djf-1. I've had it for a while now and never
really played around too much with it because of power supply issues.
got that sorted now and finding it pretty fun to use in conjunction with
the GSA isolator. It hooks up off the GSA so i can easily bypass it by turning
the effect switch off on the front panel of the GSA.
BTW, anyone considering a set of meters i'd HIGHLY recommend the Dorrough 20As I have up on top. Absolutely the BEST. i bought an American Audio Db meter from ebay. I opened it up and took one look at it, thru it back in the box and returned it. I scoured Ebay for months for these Dorroughs and finally a pair came up for sale that weren't over $600. And what do ya know, the guy lived in my nieghborhood!! what luck. LOL
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