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Wicked man, just what I was looking for! So many mods for these..this looks the ticket.

I was round my mates the other day and it's funny..all this nice gear he has like a Doepfer modular system and what am I fascinated by?! A Casio VL-1 while he was bustin out bass lines on the SH-101 hahah

Ashamed to say but I have spent very little time in the studio since doing it...I did poke about in the Speak+Spell and found the pitch point where he almost time stretches what he says if you touch two certain points together and sampled a few words which I stuck over some raw 808
Mainly trying to get used to the new monitors and desk..
And more housey' stuff

I still need to get a few things wired up..if any one has a 40/50m reel of vandamme cable I would be interested.
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