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Thanks Laurin!

I have actually experimented with the digital out on both the Pioneer mixer and CDJ's. I was actually going to do digital out of the DJM mixer into the BSS processing via a digital I/O card on the BSS for an all digital signal path. However, last minute I chose not to just for simplicity reasons and if someone wanted to change out the mixer, etc.

It does sound really clean though the CDJ to DJM, the only thing for this install is very few if any DJ's are using CD's. Most use Serato or Traktor, and if they're using the CDJ's it's just for control purposes. Also, I built the console so to the left and right of the center section, the CDJ's sit on matching "stands" that are removable for more counter top space if necessary for some of the guys using a lot of midi controllers, etc. The stands are the same profile as the center section so the blend in, but if you look closely you can see the separation. Also the center section top is on a hinge so you can "open the hood" for easy access to the mixer, cabling, etc.

Originally Posted by Laurin
Fantastic work!
Really love your work, clean and stylish.
*thumps up*

Have you ever tried to use the DJM's digital out?
Had some very good results with it.

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