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Originally Posted by NAVDEEP
How about the powersoft K20 9000 W @2ohn dual 5200@ 4 ohm dual. that should fit your power needs !!! actually has anyone used these amps ???

Thanks for the suggestion.

Yes. I've worked with Powersofts. They are very good amplifiers. I have friends in Trinidad that own a few K 20's that are used for Carnivals.

Purchasing amplifiers no lower than 3 decibels higher than 2000 watts per channel @ 4 ohms are my requirements so the K 20 does fit the description.

A reliable source has recommended an amplifier I was observing. Since that person's mentality falls under the same concepts as I, in addition to knowing the type of sound he prefers based on sharing thoughts on the quality of other large amplifiers/speakers, I've made up my mind on which amplifier(s) will suite my requirements.

There is a technical side as well, however I doubt you will understand what I would be discussing so I’ll just leave it at that.

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