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Originally Posted by pbellsound

You’d know more about the individual parts and their ratings than most people including myself. I agree, they are similar in construction to Crest amps. Not necessarily a bad thing. It’s very simple inside, what kind of protection does it have?

There appears to be many items that aren’t well secured. This amp may not survive long on the road. It certainly wouldn’t survive the Crown or QSC drop test.

I’d still want an experienced ear to beat them up next to other amps. Remember Elliot, the first & last lesson in SMAART is if everything says it’s good but your ears say otherwise, it’s not good.

Hopefully the manufacture will create a PDF Manual for, showing the internals of an amplifier just brings forth more questions.

To my eyes, the faceplate always resembled a Crest Professional Series, with an LED array from the old BGW 750C. I cannot say I was surprised with the arrangement inside. It basically confirmed my assumptions.

I actually use my ears more often than viewing SMAART graphs and, use such illustrations to confirm my findings.

I am shocked Scott passed away. My thought patterns have shifted upon hearing the news.

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