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Originally Posted by atf104

Rack lol.

Originally Posted by atf104
I'd like to see another amplifier on the market that rates their power down to 12Hz. The reserves necessary to drive a load at that frequency is enormous and what makes the conservative ratings of the Thrive amps so deceiving.
Thanks for mentioning this Adam and why you see our amps conservatively rated from 12 hz to 50K..

We never believed in the 20 to 20 ratings, we believe in designing and spec our products with a very wide, dynamic hifi sounding product that sounds good in any portion of a sound system, not just known to be good on subs, or high freq, it has to sound good in any band desired, subs, midbass, low mids mid highs or tweeters.

We use our products in hifi audiophile systems, studios ( a very famous nightime talk show on tv uses Thrive Amps on the monitors to mix the show) & obviously in night clubs

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