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New sound system in Philadelphia

Thought I'd post a few pics as the job is coming to completion.

Community 4-way cluster (SLS960 3-way horn-loaded cabinet w/ SBS22 midbass)

All Thrive amplification for main system. Crown MacroTech for auxiliary zones

Some specs on the system:

- 4 Community clusters consisting each of 1 SLS960 and 1 SBS22.
- 12 custom 18" horn-loaded sub woofer cabinets.
- 2 custom quad tweeter arrays running off of Crown D75's.
- All Thrive main system power as noted.
- BSS Soundweb London processing running at 96kHz.
- Custom digital control and booth electronics and software by Adam Freemer Audio.
- Custom DJ console capable of multiple configurations including 4 CDJ's, multiple mixers and computer setups.
- Integrated patch bay system to manage all DJ booth connectivity.
- One touch system power up/down.

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