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Originally Posted by dino59
Sorry to bust your bubble but club love removed the j=horns and replaced them with ,drum rollllllllllll , couches for seating thats me (red soccer jersey and white pants with dj justin Strauss from the Ritz )in the video with doc martin

Thanks for posting the GREAT video Dino! Doc is THE man, always has been and probably always will be my favorite dj. Going to see him play here next Friday

Two unusual things in this video though : 1. Its looks like Doc is playing all CD's at this gig which is strange because every time I have seen him recently up to a couple months ago he was still mainly playing vinyl with just a few CD's here and there. And 2. he's always had a preference for rotaries, usually the rane but it looks like he must have specifically requested a .... gasp ....Pio 800 for this gig rather than play on the Urie. Eeek!! I saw in a couple videos from his last Sublevel party in LA he had removed the rane rotary from his console and there was an 800 in its place.... it looks an ugly patern is developing lol. Doc.... don't do it!!!! LOL
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