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Originally Posted by CJ Branda
Yeah I've seen 1210's used as cd wallet rests but never as a beer mat - scandalous ! ! !

That's what happen when peope get drunk. The scary part was that people kept bumping into the table at times. I did my best to keep glasses of the table. Fortunately nothing got spilled.

I wonder how many turntables got their tonearm messed up because the djs decide to actually put their cd wallet over the whole thing with its full weight. Man, I hate seeing that, it makes me cry inside, lol.

Interesting mixer! Hand built by some Japanese guy in the late 70s or early 80s for David Mancuso after his specs I believe. Unless something got lost in translation though, which is highly common over there. Btw, valves inside

That mixer got really hot throughout the night. Almost like we could have cooked egg and bacon on it for breakfast
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