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alot of exciting things coming to market for Ciamara, some serious mix engineers auditioning the ES1, one of them has multiple Grammy awards, he has mixed alot of the Zappa stuff in the 80s that is looking for monitors and is VERY excited about these, he has pages on google on him and what he has done. He told me he will be pulling up the old multi tracks soon and needs a great monitor.

Some industry executives responsible for some of the finest monitors to mix on are auditioning these, seems high quality passive monitors are becoming back in demand big time, and the feedback has been amazing on the ES1.

The Ciamara products have been selling primarily to the Audiophile market & they are really loving all the products, now the pro market is embracing the ES 1 for monitors.

Guys cant believe how you need no sub woofer with these. They sound amazing and are getting alot of praise on the look and sound of the ES1 monitors.

The next products in development is Processors, which are absolutely Stunning,

The 1st processor we are developing is the SP1 tube processor, & what you can do with this is amazing. I will explain more about the SP1 in a few weeks, but what you can do with this is absolutely incredible. The SP1 will come with rack ears, so it can be used in a pro app for either a studio or large club sound system, and 3 electronic xovers, 2, 3 & 4 way units.

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