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Well it

Originally Posted by mg75
I always wondered why would you have a crossover when you can use a kickass isolator such as the Thrive?

I can understand having a crossover to send different freq. to different speakers... but why give a dj 2 options of cutting/boosting the frequencies?

Don't they do similar duties from a dj point-of-use?

does actually make a huge diff to have these 2 processors, with the xover you can use it to control the level of each part of the system individually.

For example, say the level is good in the room but its either the beginning or the end of the night with a small amount of bodies in the room but the subbass is too strong, with the xover you can lower the volume of the subbass to low or shut them down completly, with an Isolator thats not possible, with a iso you lower the bass or top end but its on thee enitre system, so there are major differences with the 2 units.

There are some djs that want to shut the subbass off for a while then out of knowhere bring in the subs and raise the level of the tweeter arrays to send the crowd into a frenzy, this is not possible to do with an iso, because its an overall tone control for the entire system.

So it is nice to have the control over the entire system like this and why its needed, esp on a Large SBS horn loaded system, so you can tailor it as you like it on any song.
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