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It is unfortunate that it has turn into this.

Let me state for the record that this has nothing to do with the Thrive amplifier, which is why I stated, and I quote:

Originally Posted by Elliot Thompson
I am happy to hear Thrive Amplifiers meets your requirements. However, upon my own research they do not meet mine based on lack of power and, no technical papers (Owners Manual PDF, Service Manual PDF, or Schematics) for all to see. The Thrive Amplifier could possibly be a great amplifier. However it does not meet my requirements.

In addition to:

Originally Posted by Elliot Thompson
I congratulate you for finally finding the amplifier(s) that met your requirements. I will pursue what meets my requirements. That is 10,000+ (or higher) watt amplifiers (which will give me a minimum of +3 dB in terms of headroom from my current Crown 5000vz amplifiers) from a manufacture that market their products for my line of work.

The problem arrives from not reading what I stated properly, quoting what I stated and pursue marketing an amplifier, taking pot shots on the Crown I Tech 8000 and paying no mind that the Thrive amplifier does not meet my requirements from a wattage perspective.

Why atf104 would take it upon himself to quote me after I stated the amplifier is not powerful enough for my requirements with more praises on how it is “built like a tank” only he can answer. I can assure you if this was a means of helping a fellow sound man it was not and, those who are familiar with me knows 99% of my post on audio message boards are based on answering technical questions.

It appears a few a becoming at tad upset based on me not finding the Thrive amplifier suitable for my requirements without paying attention to what I stated in regards to the minimum output wattage needed for my requirements.

That is my bottom line, which the Thrive amplifier cannot provide.

Again for those who are content with what the Thrive Amplifier offers in terms of output power, congratulations. As for myself it is not enough power, which anyone can “do the math” using the ohms law calculator that Vman has graciously offered to see how much a difference there is between a 2200 watt amplifier to a 10,000 watt (my minimum requirements) amplifier from an output voltage perspective.

There also seems to be some false assumptions on the Crown I tech 8000 (although I am not looking to purchase that amplifier) in terms of power consumption. Could someone show me where Crown states the I-tech 8000 can/will offer 8000 watts drawing only 20 amperes on a 120-volt line source?

I really don’t have time for overly emotional individuals when they assume not pursuing an amplifier they recommended offensive, when they do not take the time to read exactly what the person is looking for. Such behaviour is too childish for this 30-year old.

Any adult can clearly understand that the recommended amplifier will not be up to the task (based on Nathan’s wattage bench test report) from a dB standpoint based on the required watts needed to offer +3 dB (minimum) headroom in terms or output from the Crown 5000vz.

Best Regards,
Elliot Thompson

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