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I dont think

there is any reason for this to get personal, Adam loves the product and expresses how he likes the product line, Just like how many of our clients like the product line globally using them in a wide range of applications, from pro apps in clubs under very heavy use without failure with incredible clarity, to Recording studios for monitor systems for mix downs, & we have clients that use these amps on their home Audiophile systems that love the way they sound and have compared them to very well respected audiophile amplifiers, then made the switch to Thrive because they heard the amps and liked the way they sounded better on there speakers then the brand X they had previously powering there speakers.

Adam has used our amps and compared them to other products on a site he did a system for in a real world situation installed 3 yrs ago, and the product has never failed. He also compared the Thrive amps in a AB test against what is considered today as very high quality amplification & technology @ a major speaker manufacturers facility on there speakers, and expresses how he likes the Thrive line over other brand he compared them to at this facility, this comparison AB testing was done with the engineers that designed the speaker line in there listening room under critical listening conditions where they test all there speakers, and the engineers were astounded by the comparison. Soon after this demo the VP of the manufacturer called me to tell me his thoughts on the amp, as he was blown away and said all this time we thought this other amp was very high quality and the Thrive exposed its flaws.

Just as Nathan has expressed his thoughts and opinions on our amps to other products, there is no sales pitch there, it is just there take on what they like & heard and prefer to use over brand x, just as you expressed what you have liked in the past from 1 product to another that I have read and valued your opinion, is that a sales pitch No, but is it your opinion on what you like & need ? Yes.

Jus my 2 cents

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