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Thrive audio Bad Neighbor

I wanted to take the time to show our Bad Neighbor processor.

The Bad Neighbor was designed to be inserted in the loop of a mixer, or a efx loop of the Thrive audio Isolator. The Bad Neighbor is to be used as a tool for a dj to add detail and articulation on the kicks and bass lines & to eliminate the rolling and droning bass lines that have to much hang time so you can give it more strike, speed, transient response.

You adjust your desired amount of process level with a single pot, the more you turn the process pot clock wise the more articulate the source will sound. When the pot is at 7 o`clock its fully bypassed, some songs might not need this process or you might not want to use it on that passage of music.

What is amazing about this processor is not only what it does for the bottom end, but it will add depth, impact, detail and snap on snares to round them off a bit with more weight to fatten it up. But it will add air and extension around vocals & to the Top end as well. It just works really well in the full spectrum & will not deteriorate the signal at all, it is totally transparent.

This unit is not like a Boom box at all as some might think, it is completely safe on a system, you can run the processing pot wide open and it will not require an amplifier to provide more power and clip, it is completely safe on any system of any power with any user.

The Bad Neighbor goes for approx $995.00 USD
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