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Originally Posted by atf104
Yes you are correct, Thrive is the epitome of audiophile amplification. Built like the amps from yesteryear yet updated to today's specifications. The question above was regarding real world A/B comparison of one of the most reputable amps in the biz, and the Thrive line kills it plain and simple.

The amps are built like brick tanks beyond any brand you have mentioned. The cooling on them is literally of military grade. My Crowns have to be cleaned every 6 months or so or they'll die. You open a Thrive and a year later there's nothing even inside, they're spotless. Built like a tank, the best fidelity available, and manufactured by one of the most reputable companies in pro audio. I guess you're right in one area, they're heavy, but for me, that's not an issue.

The difference here is I've worked with your said brand, you have not worked with my said brand. And quite frankly, there is no comparison.

Save me the sales pitch mate!

I have decades of experience selling audio.

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