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Originally Posted by Elliot Thompson

Hopefully you will understand what I am about to say for it appears you are having difficulty understanding what I mentioned in the previous thread. Your work consists of club installs with treated rooms, proper cooling and (hopefully) stable voltage. I do events in which my gear will to be faced with the rigors of the road. We are two different elements in the world of Professional Audio. A controlled environment is not going to tell me how well the amplifier performs under worst-case scenarios.

I am happy to hear Thrive Amplifiers meets your requirements. However, upon my own research they do not meet mine based on lack of power and, no technical papers (Owners Manual PDF, Service Manual PDF, or Schematics) for all to see. The Thrive Amplifier could possibly be a great amplifier. However it does not meet my requirements.

From a Salesman’s point of view it offers all the qualifications (huge marketing hype, lack of technical specs and, directed to wards the majority who are not technically inclined) as a boutique amplifier. It may be a large amplifier under club standards, however the standard for those who are moving about with large systems today, 10,000+ watts is the common trait.

I believe we have gone through this already in another thread, which I assumed I covered thoroughly from different sides of the spectrum. It is precisely the reason I commented on the Crown I Tech series and, did not mention anything pertaining to Thrive Amplifiers.

I congratulate you for finally finding the amplifier(s) that met your requirements. I will pursue what meets my requirements. That is 10,000+ (or higher) watt amplifiers (which will give me a minimum of +3 dB in terms of headroom from my current Crown 5000vz amplifiers) from a manufacture that market their products for my line of work.

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Yes you are correct, Thrive is the epitome of audiophile amplification. Built like the amps from yesteryear yet updated to today's specifications. The question above was regarding real world A/B comparison of one of the most reputable amps in the biz, and the Thrive line kills it plain and simple.

The amps are built like brick tanks beyond any brand you have mentioned. The cooling on them is literally of military grade. My Crowns have to be cleaned every 6 months or so or they'll die. You open a Thrive and a year later there's nothing even inside, they're spotless. Built like a tank, the best fidelity available, and manufactured by one of the most reputable companies in pro audio. I guess you're right in one area, they're heavy, but for me, that's not an issue.

The difference here is I've worked with your said brand, you have not worked with my said brand. And quite frankly, there is no comparison.
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