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Some pics of our last event, and our first party with the new speakers I posted before!

We invited our friends' seven-piece live Disco band Saturn this time and another pair of DJs called Love Dancing. The combination worked like a charm, with the DJs playing upstairs and the band playing a set in the middle of the night in the sweaty, nasty basement. Since I played the opening slot I was even able to enjoy myself this time.

It was a little bit too successful and we doubled the number of guests we did last time. Still, it never got uncomfortably packed and the energy was great. Not advertising publicly is pretty good at keeping the number of jerks to a minimum. I think when everyone is one or two degrees removed from each other, they tend to act more respectfully.

That's me playing a few pics down playing our new floating console - which, I'm happy to say, FINALLY solved the skipping problem! It's mounted to the post at right and suspended from the beam above. I've also got a cool new solution to installing a rotary mixer but you can't really see it in the picture. I built a rack-box with a french cleat on the side so you can bring the mixer to the gig and attach it to the console just like a drawer. Pretty stoked about it, i'll post pics soon.

Lots of balloons, lots of tinsel, a couple of disco balls, and jacking Disco music all night long

Good Faith
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