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Originally Posted by Lime Twig
This is EXACTLY why we're doing it this way. When we started these parties it was because we were so sick of going to shitty nightclubs, paying too much for drinks, paying too much cover, getting bossed around by bouncers, and having no fun.

With these parties we're doing, we charge $5 to get in and we hire the nicest folks we know to work the door. We don't advertise on Facebook at all, just pass it along word-of-mouth so everybody who shows up has heard about it from someone they know personally. This isn't about exclusivity - it's still open to anyone it's designed to foster a feeling of ownership and belonging. We also give everyone these ridiculous fruit-shaped noisemakers at the door just to set the mood and put a smile on their face.

The effect that it has had is incredible, people are smiling and open and talk to each other like friends. We've had between 150-200 people each time, which is just about perfect for the space. I'm so proud of it, they're easily the best thing I've done as a DJ so far.

Anyone who knows their dance-music history will see that we're basically just trying to follow David Mancuso's ethic as closely as possible!

Thanks again, Scott. You've already been a ton of help. I'll definitely be in touch again once we get serious about building our own subs.

Mr. Scott Fitlin
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