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I worked with the MP44 every Tuesday night, during my last year on Miami Bch. A club called The Risk.

Besides the loose feeling faders, and the fact that I prefer knobs, one thing that ALWAYS irked me using this mixer is that ALL the phono and line level faders usable sensitivity in the taper seemed to always be in the last ten to 20 percent of the faders travel. Might have been the way the systems gain was structured, but this is something I kind of always complained about with slide mixers from way back when. In the mix, the fader is very hot and touchy sensitive from approximately 3/4 of the way up to full open. Fading a track out, once below the 3/4 mark, all of the music in the song being mixed out was/is gone.

As compared to rotary mixers, which I can hear myself in the mix until the track is ALL THE WAY OFF!
Mr. Scott Fitlin
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