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Originally Posted by scope
You think the Empath Rotary is nice Jimbo?

I got rid of my E&S DJR400 last year but kinda miss the rotary alot.. The Empath Rotary seems like a nice solid mixer without costing the world or having to build a console around a rack mount.. So is top of my list atm.

I absolutely love it! It's the only mixer i've ever played on (and i've played on just about all the high end mixers) that doesn't feel like there's something missing. I know some people may think that the lack of channels is a bad thing, but for me personally, 3 is enough. It's built like a tank, the sound is great with line & phono (that was a big problem with the Urei).

I know some of the die hards on here won't look at anything but a bozak/urei, and thats cool, horses for courses and all that. But me personally, I like to balance functionality with quality, and the Empath has both.

Get one!!!
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