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Originally Posted by atf104
And the Maya, which is very conservatively rated at 1500W x2 @ 2 Ohm (5Hz to over 20kHz) in my experience will walk all over a MA3600, especially in the low end range. The kick is so solid and snappy I could never go to any other amp for low end alone. Then there's the new Luna which will easily do 1500W x2 @ 4 ohm, i'll leave it at that, it's a beast.

All my Thrive amps run comfortably on 120V/30A circuits and have never tripped a breaker in the well over 2 years of use.

I run all my thrives on 20A circuits and never tripped a breaker in the past 4 years. On headline dj nights, we are running them at 95% of its capacity. They are great amps, never go down once. Funny thing was my Crown 3600vz went out on us!
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