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I have done extensive dummy load testing of many many amps while looking for specs and standards for our new OEM line.

I can say this with certainty but don't have time to write out all the numbers.

The Nyla while drawing only a maximum of 21amps from a solid 120v service will outperform a Crown 3600vz and QSC PL340 on output of voltage into a dummy load on various sine waves at 30Hz, 50Hz, 85Hz, 1KHz, 15KHz and heavy modern dance music.

The crown 3600Vz will slightly outperform at 50Hz and 85Hz 6v , but will draw up to 31-44amps from the service and be in hard limit.

The PL340 will slightly outperform at 30Hz and 50Hz by 2v per channel but will draw up to 31amps to do so in hard limit.

The Nyla is conservatively rated 1100 w at 2 ohm.and 800w at 4Ohm

All tests were done at 4 Ohm. in stereo both channels driven.
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