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Friends, while I hope Scotty doesn’t knock me around for this but I’d like to chime in here.

As I have met Elliot, I’m aware that he doesn’t give a rats ass where a widget comes from or who represents it. If a product does what he wants it to do and it does it better than the next great shiny thing, he’ll buy it.

I don’t feel he was egging on a dispute or trying to start problems. His postings on this has been polite and to the point, in a non-demeaning way. He is correct. There’s no decent information readily available about Thrive amplifiers. While I doubt he or any other knowledgeable sound engineer would buy an amp simply on it’s 8/4 Ohm rating, it is the most basic specification that’s first looked at when evaluating an amplifier.

I’m certain the Thrive line of amplifiers are very, very good. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. I have no doubt they’re everything they claim to be and worth their cost.

Adam, I’ve viewed your various installation pictures and to say the least, they’ve very impressive. Certainly, your designs and systems rock. Itech amps. BSS Soundweb. RPM88. You do lean towards the high-end good stuff. Surely, you wouldn’t be promoting Thrive amplifiers unless they perform well. However, it appears that you’re a bit protective and perhaps read a little too much in Elliot’s postings. I understand, I’m the same way with Bassmaxx (as there are some people that flat-out hate them, despite never having heard and experienced them). Perhaps you’ve jumped the gun a bit here and went on the defensive too quickly.

Often, postings on internet forums such as this is void of emotion or facial expressions and we lose the sense and abilities to really interpret another’s true feelings.

Why don’t you find and post up some numbers for the Thrive amplifier line? Real numbers, basic or not and perhaps some retail pricing. OR, point us to a website that shows some good info that would be useful to an engineer or designer. There are a good handful of people that would like to see more info.

We are adults here with one goal: Good sound. There’s no reason we can’t get along.
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