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So you're basing your system design strictly on what a manufacturer claims at 8 ohms and 4 ohms without even taking into consideration those numbers are always biased around 1kHz instantaneous figures?

Originally Posted by Elliot Thompson
Thanks for your reply.

Possibly you can direct me to wards a website for the only Summit Audio I know is this one and, they are known for audio processing not amplifiers. I cannot seem to locate any amplifiers on their site either. So, possibly you are referring to another Summit Audio?

I would request a specification sheet to see if his product meets up to my requirements. Surely if Behringer which copies products can draw up a specification sheet, there should be no reason for Richard Long (if he were alive) not to since it is supposed to be a proprietary design.

I guess that is where you and I differ. If a manufacture is proud of his or her product they will happily offer the specifications for all to see. I could understand if it were schematics for fear of copyright infringement. However if I feel like evaluating my 1955 Valve amplifier instruction manual, I can just look in on of my binders and refresh my memory on its capabilities. I donít see why it would be an issue for a small manufacture find such a request insulting.

I would imagine many might feel the same. A sense of patriotism is a very noble jester. As for Elliot, well, I was born in England. I could care less where a product is made. My main concern is the amplifier meeting up to my requirements. Possibly, if I lived in England I would aim for FFA or MC2 since they are made in the England. However, seeing that I live in the States, I am willing to use any product providing it meets up to my requirements.

If Thrive amplifiers can only keep up, then they wonít meet my requirements. I will explain why.

Iíve used Crown MA 5000vz amplifiers since 1996 so, an upgrade is long over do. The Studio R X12 claims to deliver 11,000 watts, which upon reading the specification sheet have the current to achieve it.

220 volts @ 68 amperes equates to 14,960 watts. This is just one of the reasons why I like having specification sheets of products.

For the sake of headroom based on my requirements (4 ohms per channel), I will be Ė0.6 dB away from +3 dB. Switching amplifiers that match what I am currently using in terms of output power is IMHO a waste of money and will not offer any headroom in terms of amplifier power. So, it really boils down to Studio R, Lab Gruppen or Powersoft K 10.

However, I am willing to evaluate the specs on these Thrive amplifiers for you may not be familiar with the type of specifications I am evaluating. If you can offer a website of where I can evaluate these amplifiers, I would greatly appreciate it.

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